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 You may be asking yourself, why do these missionaries refer to themselves as 'Kiwi harvesters'? Well, in case you were, let me explain. Did you know that New Zealand is the second largest exporter of Kiwifruit in the entire world? In fact, one-third of this world’s supply of kiwifruit is grown on this little island country.  Were you also aware that the word kiwi comes from the language of the native settlers of New Zealand, the Maori? It was first given as a name for New Zealand’s most famous bird, the kiwi bird. It was the kiwi bird’s round fuzzy plump of a look that reminded many of the juicy green fruit which by now was becoming vastly popular in NZ. The fruit was eventually renamed ‘kiwifruit' in honor of the kiwi bird.  For our family, however, it is not the bird nor the fruit that holds such great importance. The word kiwi means much more. It has begun to refer not just to the bird and to the fruit, but also to the people. Today, every citizen of New Zealand would refer to himself as Kiwi. God has called us to reach the Kiwi people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus. Their country is, as Jesus said, a field white unto harvest (John 4:35). This is why we have chosen the phrase Kiwi-harvesters, harvesting the fields of New Zealand for our great God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. (For more information about the country of New Zealand, see 'Our Information Packet' below)


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