Growing up in a Christian home, I knew the story of Jesus because my parents had told it to me many times, but it was in my church's children's program that I understood for the first time my need of a Saviour. I went to the back of the church in the invitation and accepted Christ as my personal Saviour. As a young girl, I wanted to please God with my life and to fit into the world at the same time. But when I was eleven, at a week-long Bible camp, I humbly surrendered my entire life to the Lord. My life has never been the same after this week of camp.  The Lord put missions on my heart at an early age. I believed God was calling me to China at the age of seven. This country was a prayer of my heart for many years, and I was thrilled that the Lord allowed me to go there after my freshman year of college. I loved it there, but I did not sense the Lord’s leading me back. Later, I began to pray about serving in some Spanish-speaking country, but the Lord still had not given me any specific direction, so I continued to seek His guidance.


 As a couple, Devin and I prayed about Papua New Guinea. We spent one month there on a survey trip. Yet again, I did not sense the Lord's leading there in my own heart; yet I was happy to be a missionary wherever the Lord would put us. So, I watched Devin that whole month to see if the Lord was leading him in that direction. However, I watched him pray and struggle not seeming to get any direction either.
 On our way home, the airlines caused us to miss our flights, causing us to spend some time in Auckland, New Zealand. The Lord immediately put in my heart a love for the Kiwi people. However, I did not say this to Devin because I didn’t want to hinder us from the Lord’s will in any way.
Our stay in Auckland, NZ: June, 2012  Several months later, God made it evident to both of us that He wanted us to serve in New Zealand. The Lord allowed us to return on a survey trip there for almost three months, and it was very hard to leave. We are eager for the time that the Lord allows us to move there to serve Him as missionaries. AMY SUE click here for our family's testimony


"Say no to self and yes to Jesus every time." -William Borden