Devin Stewart
 Though I love my family very much, I did not grow up in a Christian home. But when I was five, my father enrolled my sister and me into West Park Baptist Church summer day camp. It was here when I first heard the gospel. I realized I was a sinner headed for hell. I trusted the Lord as my Saviour as a boy. Without discipleship, however, my newly found faith grew little. Throughout my teen years I fell far from Christ. I loved the world’s life, and I played the world’s game. I enjoyed sin’s pleasure as its season drew on. But soon my life became a complete disaster.
 I was like a yoyo over the next few years, but eventually things changed. I placed myself into the Lester Roloff Ministries in Corpus Christi, Texas. It was here where God finally broke through. I gave my life over to the Lord, and God called me to preach not long thereafter. Soon after leaving the Roloff ministry, I enrolled in Pensacola Christian College. My major was Pastoral Ministries, with a Minor in Biblical languages.
camp bimi, summer 2006.  The summer after my freshman year of college, I attended Camp BIMI, student missionary training camp, with brother Gerry Baughman.
bimi s.m.a.r.t trip to new zealand, summer 2007.
s.m.a.r.t team with church family: ashburton, nz.
lax airport, los angeles, ca.
 I was later a part of BIMI’s missions' team to New Zealand in the summer of 2007. During this trip, I fell in love with the NZ people, but I really did not think I would ever work in a 1st world country at that point. I left NZ,
never thinking I would ever return.
 pastor ron boersma devin frost former bimi missionary christchurch June 2007 jerry judd baptist church saturday youth night
sunday school
 After graduation, I began working on my M.DIV. at Pensacola Theological Seminary. I soon considered the country of Papua New Guinea as a possible field for ministry. It was around the same time that a godly young lady caught my eye. . After we were married, Amy and I decided that if God was going to call us to Papua New Guinea, it would be good for us to visit the country since we had never experienced jungle life before. We planned our own one-month survey trip over to PNG in 2012. It was an eventful but very hard month. It seemed the more we prayed, the more silent God's leading became. It was as though God was not speaking to our hearts at all. (Click here for our family’s story)


papua new guinea, summer 2012
 On the way home things changed. The Air New Guinea plane was several hours late, and in the end we missed all of our flights. We were shuffled around a bit until finally landing in Auckland, NZ. The length of our stay would be uncertain at that point, and we were told to wait. They gave us a hotel. We decided to rent a car. As we traveled around this city of over a million and a half people, God brought back many memories of my trip there in 2007. But this time God was speaking to my heart in a different way. I had spent a month in PNG, and I saw no direction from God, but within hours of being back in NZ, I felt God begin burdening my heart once again for this country.
Auckland, NZ: June 2012.  The next year, in 2013, Amy and I returned yet again to NZ. We spent almost three weeks visiting various churches across the country. I then interned for 2 months under a former acquaintance, Pastor Ron Boersma (cf, 2007 above), an NZ national Pastor in Christchurch, NZ. We chose Christchurch because we see a need in this city that is just not being met.
The Frosts together with Pastor and his wife, Jan Boersma, December 2013.
 While there, I was able to write a gospel tract to pass out for Christmas (Cf. ). We canvassed and passed out several thousand of these tracts in letterboxes, and at the downtown mall. We hosted a vacation Bible school in January. Throughout the week, many children from the community attended, some every day. (cf, ; ). God used these months to grow and mature our love for NZ. But God did even more. He helped me to realize that there are indeed people seeking the Lord here. We had visitors from the community stop in because of a gospel tracts received. God was bringing fruit from our labor! After all of the time we have spent in NZ, I am surer than ever that God wants to do a work in Christchurch, NZ; and if God’s people would step up to the job, we can still see NZ reached for the Saviour. Tract Distribution VBS VBS 2014 Video


"I feel it my duty to plod on while daylight last." -William Carey