Our vision is church-planting. A New Testament church, however, is not a building. It is rather a saved, baptized body of believers. Our foremost goal therefore would be evangelizing the lost. There are so many areas on the South Island that are in desperate need for mission work. We alone cannot reach everyone. We can, however, be laborers in His harvest. Our immediate plans involve the city above: Christchurch—New Zealand’s second largest urban area. This city is by far the largest and most populated area of this part of the country, and yet very little ministry is being done here to reach these people for Christ. Our immediate goals are geared toward seeing a new independent Baptist church planted in this great metropolis. After the two major earthquakes of 2010-11, which devastated downtown, as well as many other developmental areas, this city has been in ruins. Thousands of families lost their homes. Much of the comfort that many have taken for granted in this city for so long is gone. What better time to reach these people for the Lord than now when they have lost so much of this world's possessions.
OUR GOALS IN NEW ZEALAND  For us to be allowed access into New Zealand, the government requires that we be sponsored by a recognized/approved organization for a minimum of 1-2 years. Our method for entering the country is through the sponsorship of Christchurch Independent Baptist Church. Amy and I have worked closely with this church in the past, and they have agreed to help in our efforts of entering NZ under the above visa described. Once in the country, we will immediately apply for permanent residency. This usually takes roughly two years to process. During this time, we will learn the culture, build a stronger relationship with this church, gain new insight and connections within this city, evangelize new areas of Christchurch, and be still and allow the Lord to guide us as we seek for a new location plant this new work. Our longterm vision involves using this new church as a hub for other independent Baptist works both in this city as well as others here on the South Island (see below, NZ cities without churches). Pastor Ron Boersma, Pastor of Christchurch Independent Baptist Church has pastored for over 15 years in this city. He too has a great burden to see churches planted here. We plan to work together with Pastor Boersma in reaching this city for the Lord. I have already spent a good deal of time in Christchurch (cf, ). I can tell you firsthand there are those who are open to the gospel here. What this city really needs are laborers. The Lord still wants to do a great work in Christchurch; in all of New Zealand. The gospel does not work differently here than it does in Uganda, Mexico, or the Philippines. The gospel of Christ can still save the people of New Zealand. With that being said, salvation is still but a new beginning. God will not grow a believer outside of the local church. The key to discipleship is church-planting. But to the Kiwi people, gospel-preaching churches are a rare thing, and one that many people just do not have. Our heartbeat is for this city, and all the other areas of this country that are without churches.
Devin's Testimony
New Zealand cities without churches  There is a real dearth of the gospel in this country. Several of the larger cities on the North Island have no independent Baptist church at all. New Plymouth, for example, is a city of over 48,000, and there is no church. Cambridge (14,400) is not far from New Plymouth. There is no independent Baptist work in this city either. Gisborne (35,400) is another city without a church. These are just a few examples, but the list does not end here. The South Island is no different. Consider these cities that are without churches: the district of Greymouth has roughly 13,000. Queenstown, one of NZ’s top tourist attractions, has a population of up to 20,000 in autumn, and close to 10,000 during the off season. Amy and I were able to visit both of these cities during our stay. There is also Omaru with 15,000. The list can go on.


North Island
New Plymouth Cambridge Gisborne
Greymouth Queenstown Omaru
South Island "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." -Jim Elliot